How often should towels be washed?

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Some insist on their towels being washed after each use, others leave it until the towels smell rank, and most of us find what works somewhere between these two extremes.

I like to put most things I do into a routine and washing towels is one of them. However, it is not as easy as deciding on a time and day and sticking to it. There are a few things to consider.

The main thing to consider is that bacteria and mould like a wet and warm environment, so how often we wash to prevent their growth depends on a few factors:

?Weather – if it is rainy and/or humid then towels are less likely to dry after each use.

?Season – if you live where central heating is used in winter then the heating helps the towels dry faster.

?Quality of the towels – the thicker the towel the better it dries a person but then it takes longer to dry on the towel rack.

How often do I wash my bath towels? Washing daily is not an option for me as I do consider water conservation, especially when we are on tank water. Washing daily also puts more wear and tear on the towels and on the washing machine. 

For my situation, at least weekly as part of my cleaning routine, however, I smell them daily! If they don’t smell fresh, then they get washed. Bacteria and mould are the reasons they may not smell fresh, and I don’t want either of these hanging around in my bathroom.

Go over the factors listed above and decide how often works best for your situation. Then, tell the rest of the family what you have decided, tell them the reason why, and ask for their support.