I present, consult and mentor on all things to do with a more holistic home. I believe that taking small steps towards nourishing the mind, body, heart and soul will lead to more harmony and balance within yourself, your family, and your home.

Whether you would like personal mentoring, group workshops, or a presentation for your club, school, or workplace, I am here to help!

I present and run workshops on any of the topics in my book, however, my favourite subtopics are:


Q: Can’t I just read a book or watch a video about this myself?

Yes, you can just as I once tried to do. It can be a good place to start, however, can you ask a book for clarity or for more examples? Can the book offer an understanding of your unique problem and offer suggestions and support as you find a more serving way? Will you get a listening ear, empathy, and even accountability if you want it? 


Q: Can’t I simply ask a friend or family member for all these things?

Again, yes you can, and I would encourage it, however, there may be topics or situations that you feel would be best kept out of your friendship; topics that need more expertise. At this moment in time, you may even feel a little embarrassed to talk about certain things with your friends or family. I remember not wanting those close to me to know that I thought I was failing in some areas within myself, my family, and my home.

I can offer a fresh, unemotionally attached view that comes from years of education and experience; experience I’ve had with failure and then success. Let me help  save you the time, effort, and angst that I went through in turning my home havoc into a home haven. You can learn from both my mistakes and, more importantly, my successes.


Let's meet!

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